Thursday, 27 November 2014

Week 5

        We have finally finished the police station and we got our 
        first prisoner Zain gould and he was in there for 2 mins.
        And it was for using invisibility postion.
        I was the one who was watching him for 2 mins

Tuesday, 18 November 2014

Week 4

        So last time on my MINECRAFT week 3 blog
     my goal was to, finish the police station and we 
     have, and it's looking great.

     I'm so impressed with my team mates Anna and to Tom
     I think we have done a AMAZING job we just have to
     do one more thing.

     Make a court so then the people that are bad can get

Sunday, 16 November 2014

Week 3

week 3.

     Last week we started the police station we were right
     onto it we nearly finished it and it's turned out to be pretty
AMAZING !!!!!!!

     I'm really amazed with my team mates Anna and Tom
     and myself.
     We put all our heart into it to make it really AWESOME.

     We used lapis lazuli and blue wool to make it and we

     have built the Reception, Jail and cafeteria and it's looking

     And lot's of people like it witch is really good and we like
     it so much too.
    So this week we hope we will finish it and I think we
    will, just have to finish off a few things inside and outside
    and we will be done.

    I really want to be a police officer in Minecraft and be
    really cool to be one and I suggested to my teacher
    Mr Scurr.

    what you build is what you will be.
      so I am building a police station so I will be a police officer.

    I hope that room 19 the class that I'm in will like it
   and that will make me happy.
   So if you read this I hope you injoyed it.

   Thanks for reading.
   Give me some comments down